Butcher Academy Deposit - MASTERCLASS - HYNDLAND 22/2/22

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The perfect Christmas Gift for that someone special. 

The Masterclass is perfect for those who like an all round experience and it offers the opportunity to get stuck into different types of meats. 

During this class, you will work with meats such as Beef, Lamb, Pork Sausage and Chicken. You will prepare a variety of cuts which can be take home and turned into any number of dishes from rich curries to a simple Sunday roast to a devine Steak.

As well as their selection of meats, you will recieve a gift box to present to your loved one at Christmas containing their very own ‘Butcher Academy’ Apron, an accompaniment that will go perfectly with the meats, along with a gift voucher for their class and a letter with all the details they will need about their experience. 


This is only a deposit of £30 with the remaining balance of £150 to be paid upon collection of your gift box between 15th & 18th December.